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From the Desk of: Merrill Chandler

Re: Having the Money You Need to Grow Your Business

What if there's more to quickly getting approved

for the best loans and credit lines than just your credit score?

What if there was an easy way to know exactly

what it takes to get approved for everything from credit for buying the home of your dreams, to hundreds of thousands in REAL business lines of credit?

And not only that...

What if there was an easy way to build life-long fundability™ too?

If it's possible that the answer to any of those questions is yes...

Then my friend...you have a decision to make (just like the one Neo had to make in the first Matrix movie).

Do you take the "red pill" and dive down the rabbit hole of learning the truth about banking, borrower—lender relationships, and what it takes to easily get approved for anything you want?

Or, do you take the "blue pill" and wake up tomorrow in the same lending matrix that you've always been a part of and believe whatever you want?

Before you decide, just know...

Once you start down the rabbit hole of truth, you can

NEVER deny that truth again.

But also know...

That the truth is the only thing that can set you free, and once you start learning it, you will be able to elevate

yourself to the elite level of "borrower—partner" with every lender you choose to do business with.

Now you might be asking yourself, "Why would anyone choose not to take the red pill and learn the REAL

truth?" and that is a fair question.

Most people are not ready to be "unplugged" from the

lender matrix. They are comfortable moving through life as

a consumer that is dependent on the system.

And that dependence creates an unwillingness to even question the status quo. They are trapped believing there's really nothing they can do except pay their bills on time and hope for the best.

But...if you are ready to know the truth...

I am here to show you the door...

But you have to walk through it.

Are you ready to dive down the rabbit hole?

Are you ready to figure out how to build the right credit profile so you can elevate your life?

I know how that feels because I've been there myself!

In fact, I struggled for a long time trying to answer this one question: "What exactly do I need to do, to be an educated borrower so I can get approved every time I apply for something?"

Before I share MY GOAL for this

Business Funding Master Course for YOU...

let me ask you a few questions...

Please Read All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

✔ Do you want to have more capital ready to deploy at a moment's notice?

✔ Are you tired of so-called experts teaching the wrong information?

✔Do you want to easily get approved for the best loans and lines of credit

✔Would being able to safely and cost-effectively be a player in the

Borrower— Lender game take away some stress?

✔ If you had more money could you do more deals and grow your business the way you want to?

If You Answered Yes to ANY Of The Questions Above...

Then I Want To Invite You To Join The

Business Funding Master Course 

And Change Your Fundability™ Forever!

You’re gonna LOVE this!

Here’s just a taste of some of what you will learn in this Master Course…

— 7 Business Fundability™ Factors for Top-Tier Bank Approvals

— The Best Entity Type To Get Funding

— The ONE Thing That Is More Important Than Credit Score For The Best Approvals

— And much, much more!

I'm excited to reveal the truth to you!

I will see you on the inside.

Merrill "The Morpheus of Fundability" Chandler

Here's Everything You Get:

Total Value: $23,686

$3,997 $997 NOW

(Plus Only $29.99 per month for the Funding Hackers Membership - Value $149 per month)

"WARNING: If You Want To Learn THE TRUTH About The Credit and Funding System and How To STOP Being Easy Prey For Lenders…Read This Entire Letter Right Now"

At this point you might be asking...

Who Is Merrill Chandler And Why Should I Listen To Him?

For nearly 30 years...

Merrill Chandler has been empowering real estate investors and business entrepreneurs just like you, so you can get access to the most inexpensive bank money out there...

And now he is bringing his revolutionary Business Funding Master Course to you, so you can know the truth about how to have life-long fundability™.

He will teach you how to get access to Top-tier bank money that has been previously unavailable to you.

His system is built on two things.

— The foundation of lender relationships and

— Being an insider with the very scoring analytics that over 90% of lenders use to approve your applications.

He's helped his clients get over $200,000,000 in fundings, through every market condition (and he's only been tracking approvals for the last 6 years).

If you are late to the FUNDABILITY™ GAME...

Then you have no time to waste.

Enroll NOW in this revolutionary

Business Funding Master Course...

And learn how to get approved for the money you need to grow your business the way you want to!

What People Are Saying... 

Need More Convincing?

Business Funding System (Value $3994)

Advanced Business Fundability™ 

  • The Secret Gatekeeper of Approvals

  • ​Are You Easy "Prey" For Credit Predators?

  • ​Are Your Credit Cards Hurting Future Approvals?

  • ​Credit Card Behaviors That Can Get You Denied For Funding

  • ​Hidden Approval-Killing Dates

  • ​Sneaky Way Credit Card Balances Are Counting Against You

  • ​The Hidden Value Installment Loans Can Give Your Borrower Profile

  • ​The Credit Inquiries Lie - It's NOT What You Think

  • ​The TRUTH About Real Business Credit Revealed

  • ​Business Credit "Posers" That Can Ruin Your Business Funding

  • ​The Wild, Wild West of the Business Credit System

  • ​Newly Revealed Business Funding System

Personal Fundability Fitness Program (Value $3994)

The Fundamentals

  • Secrets to Why Fundability™ Matters

  • The Path to Funding Your "Z"

  • Insider Secrets for Your Fundability Genius

  • ​The Insider Secret to Economic Leverage

Advanced Fundability™ Strategies

  • ​The Insider Secret to Economic Leverage

  • ​The REAL Cost of Being Unfundable

  • The Danger of ​Fake-O Scores

  • ​The Secret Scores Lenders Use to Grade You

  • ​Secrets of the Fundability Pyramid

  • ​The Secret Strategy For Funding Approvals

  • ​The Credit and Funding Approval Process

  • ​Timing Borrower Behaviors For Approvals

  • ​This Is More Important Than Credit Score

Business Fundability™ Accelerator

Value $9173 - Included

  • Momentum PowerStart™ Training with Merrill

  • Strategy 1 - Creating A Fundable Personal Borrower Identity (PBID)

  • Benefit #1 - 5-Level Forensic Borrower Identity Research

  • Benefit #2 - Optimize and Document Personal Borrower Identity

  • Benefit #3 - Update Lender-Facing Communications Accounts

  • Strategy 2 - Setting A New Lender Account Data Benchmark

  • Benefit #4 - Audit Lender Account Data That is Limiting Your Funding Approvals

  • Benefit #5 - Reconcile Fundable Relationships with Current PERSONAL Lenders

  • Strategy 3 - Establishing Your Qualified Fundable Entity (QFE)

  • Benefit #6 - Complete Business Credit Target Funding Objectives and Roadmap

  • Benefit #7 - Inventory Current and Target Business Credit Instruments

  • Strategy 4 - Taking The Right "Steps" To Be Massively Fundable

  • Benefit #8 - Reconcile Relationships with Current Business Lenders

  • Benefit #9 - Clone Your Business Data Points to Meet Lender Funding Criteria

  • Strategy 5 - Preparing Your QFE To Pass 30-Minute Underwriting

  • Benefit #10 - Maximize Your Business Online Presence to Exceed Lender Funding Guidelines

  • Benefit #11 - Launch Initial Business Credit Approvals

  • Strategy 6 - Finding The Right Lender Partnerships For Your $1,000,000 Funding Formula

  • Benefit #12 - Utilize Proven Vetting Formula to Find the Best Lenders in Your Area

  • Strategy 7 - Capitalizing On Your Lender Partnerships

  • Benefit #13 - Develop Profitable Lender Relationships

  • Benefit #14 - Implement Business Funding Strategies

  • Strategy 8 - Implementing Powerful Lender Trigger Strategies For Optimal Approvals

  • Benefit #12 - Follow the $1,000,000 Funding Formula With Each Lender Relationship

Advanced Financing Secrets

Value - $997 Included

  • ​Insider Secret to Win Big When Financing Anything

  • Save THOUSANDS every time you get financing at a dealership

  • How to “get ahead of the payment slope” and become more attractive to Lenders

  • Get asset leveraging strategies to get you through tough times and minimize financial and credit damage

  • ​Get the exact tool I use in my business and with

  •  my clients to know your financial readiness


  • The Gatekeeper of Approvals - Q and A

Fundability™ Bonuses

  • Bonus - The Credit And Funding Approval Players That Matter Most

  • ​Bonus - Beyond Credit Repair

  • ​Bonus - Insider Secret to Win When Financing Anything

  • ​Bonus - How Lenders are Grading You Behind Your Back

  • ​Bonus - Don't Be Easy Prey

  • ​Bonus - The Gatekeeper of Approvals -        Q and A

  • ​Bonus - Advanced Loan Strategy #1 - Triple The Fundability™ Value Of Your Loans

  • ​Bonus- Advanced Loan Strategy #2 - Boost Your Credit Reputation

Advanced Entity Secrets

Value - $997 Included

  • Avoid the business codes that AUTOMATICALLY kill your funding approvals

  • ​Establish the best business entity for the highest funding approval AMOUNTS

  • ​Determine how to align your current business entity to fit “bullseye” funding guidelines

  • ​Easily implement steps to make your entity

  •  highly fundable

The Opportunity in Structure Loss Web Class

Value $497 - Included

  • 21-Day Life by Design Course

  • Custom “Creation” Session with Michelle Young

Financial Survival Bundle

Value $2,788 - Included

  • Learn the secrets of capitalizing on recessions using the “slingshot effect”

  • ​Implement the right “soft landing” strategies

  • Get asset-leveraging strategies to get you through tough times and minimize financial and credit damage

  • ​Get the exact tool I use in my business and with my

  • ​Entrepreneur Crisis Management

  • Identifying a Crisis

  • ​Navigating a Rapidly Changing Environment

  • ​Forecasting For Growth

  • ​Making Decisions in a Crisis

  • ​Systems and structure to:

  • Analyze

  • ​Prioritize

  • ​Commit

  • ​Execute

  • ​Review

  • Forensic Audit Dispute Templates

Forensic Audit Dispute Templates

Value $1,297 - Included

Special "Members-Only" Access

Value $1,743 - Included

  • First Access to ALL Services

  • ​Lifetime Discounted Access to Funding Hackers Club*

  • $29.99 / mo (Value $149 / mo)

  • ​Exclusive Weekly Q&A

  • ​Private Facebook Group

  • ​Ultimate Fundability™ Video Library

  • ​Insider Secrets to The Money and Credit Game Ebooks

*Discount applied to active memberships, that have not been

paused or cancellations.

Full Library of GET FUNDABLE! LiveBootcamp Recordings

Value $1297 - Included

Lifetime Access To The Funding Hackers Private Facebook Group

(Value $149/mo) Only $29.99 per month

What People Are Saying... 

Total Value: $23,686

$3,997 $997 NOW

(Plus Only $29.99 per month for the Funding Hackers Membership - Value $149 per month)

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